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Backyard Habitat

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Zoos and aquariums play a unique role in providing dependable conservation information that visitors can incorporate into their daily lives. The Alliance Backyard Habitat project assists people in learning about local habitats and wildlife while enhancing the ecological functions of their yards. As individuals become stewards of their backyard habitat, they also become more connected to local and regional conservation efforts.

NW Zoo & Aquarium Alliance
Backyard Habitat Goals

  • To address current threats to biodiversity in the Pacific Northwest, including habitat fragmentation, invasive species, pollution, and lack of personal connection with nature.

  • To provide you with the motivation, resources, and skills to enhance the habitats in your personal life for the benefit of wildlife, people, and the environment.

Why Create Habitat in Your Backyard?

Habitat begins at home! Turning your backyard into wildlife habitat provides many benefits—for you, for wildlife, and for your community. You can:

  • Help wildlife meet their basic needs in urban and rural landscapes.

  • Learn more about local native plants, wildlife, and habitat.

  • Transform your yard by planting beautiful native flowers, shrubs, and trees.

  • Protect your family, pets, and watershed by using non-toxic alternatives to pesticides and herbicides.

  • Have fun spending time in your garden with your family.

  • Enjoy watching the wildlife you attract.

  • Share the importance of creating backyard habitat with your neighborhood and community.

  • Feel more connected to nature in your backyard and beyond.

  • Join a network of certified backyard wildlife habitats that provide habitat connectivity for Pacific Northwest wildlife.

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Habitat begins at home!


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